Storm Brew

Package design is an underrated aspect of a company’s brand experience. It has to be functional, differentiate a product from its competitors and provide a link to the company’s identity. For this post, I want discuss  how color, typography and imagery are used in the can design for the Carolina Hurricanes’ official beer. Storm Brew is a light  beer brewed by Raleigh’s R&D Brewing. Packaging for Storm Brew had to be tricky in that it needed to represent the Carolina Hurricanes and the brewery itself.

The can uses the Carolina Hurricanes’ color palette: Red, white and black. It also uses grey which is a secondary color on the Hurricanes’ uniforms. The color black is the prominent color. This is nice link to the team as on Friday night games the Hurricanes wear their third uniform which is predominantly black. 

The can uses all caps with the name of the beer in white and descriptive text in grey. A cool design element is the use of circles to highlight how many calories and carbs the beer contains. The text does a great job of describing the beer and its light beer qualities without having “Light” as part of the name. 

Finally, the package designers took advantage of the Carolina Hurricanes’ logo scheme. The team’s primary logo is at the bottom of the can and it’s secondary logo’s at the top. They also used hurricane warning flag images as the anchor of a series of five stripes. This is another nice touch as the inside of Carolina’s jerseys contain the same ring of hurricane warning flags. Finally, towards the top half of the can, a small R&D Brewing logo is in white. They do a nice job of marking the can without overpowering the team’s brand.