Genki Sparkling Water

This is a bottle of sparkling water that I’ve been drinking all the time recently. I was attracted by it because of the big Kanji on it and I am currently studying Japanese. And the name of this is Genki which is the name of my Japanese textbook’s name. (I think people are easily attracted by things or characters that they are familiar with.) It only has the name and some information about the calories and an image representing the flavor on it. On the bottom, it says it’s which flavor sparkling water. The Kanji “Ki” means gas or air in most of the content. But when it is put with Genki, it means energy or health. For me, when I see the Kanji I immediately draw a connection to energy or health which would make me want to buy this product, especially when they put Ki at the top and it is bigger than any other element on the bottle. The “Ki” Kanji kind of becomes their icon.  I like the clean design, where the background is white which makes the whole drink seem clean and simple. The whole series for this flavored sparkling water has the same background design, but they changed the color and images that represent the flavors. So it is easier for the customers to know which ones are their products. The three lines with checks on “zero fat; zero sugar and zero calories” make people think about these are the goals and this drink actually meets the goals.