Mario Lamp

I choose this lamp as my wild design. This is a birthday gift my friend gave to me and I like it a lot. The theme for this lamp is Mario which is a very popular Nintendo video game. The lamp’s cover is the block in Mario’s game. It is the most classic part of the original game. The chain that connects to the switch of the lamp is a Mario figure which emphasizes more on the theme. It looks like Mario is jumping to reach the block which mimics the scene in the game where Mario would jump and hit the mystery block to get coins or tools. The bottom of the lamp is green which represents the grassland that Mario always runs on. I like the lamp as a whole because it is a perfect recreation of Mario’s game scene. The designers tried to incorporate the classical elements to build this lamp for the fans. Also, because the mystery block is yellow, even if I put in a white bulb, the light will present as yellow which makes my eyes feel more comfortable.  When people first see the lamp, they would be attracted by the top part because it is proportionally much larger than other parts of the lamp. When people see it most of them would immediately realize this is about super Mario. When they look down, they would see the little Mario figure which could surprise people. I like this lamp because it is simple and clear but also contains some details that would make people want to buy it.

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Michele de Souza 03/31/2020 on 12:50 PM

    Nice choice! This lamp really reminds me of the elements in the game in less than 1 second you can recognize it – and I am NOT a person who used to play SuperMario. Definitely an interesting way to convey the style using an object that, in itself, has no direct relation to the game.

  • Arshi Jumma 04/01/2020 on 5:13 AM

    I love this lamp! I don’t play video games but I have played Mario games online and I absolutely love them! I think this lamp is very cleverly designed to perfectly recreate an important part of Mario games and turn it into something 3D. Just like you described, this lamp mimics the part when Mario has to jump to get coins. And after he gets the coins, the block turns dark, just like this lamp would when you turn it off by pulling the string, which would also mimic Mario’s jump. The brown and green at the bottom also nicely resemble the land on which Mario walks. I think this lamp is super fun and colorful, and it would add a playful element to room decor.

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