Mrs.Meyer’s Hand Soap

Mrs.meyer’s soap is one of the super-popular soap brands in nowadays. I personally see many of my friends using this brand in their places. This brand sells various types of soaps for many other different usages from hand soap to house cleanser. This brand is also very recognizable by their graphic design for the label of their products. I am posting only the photo of hand soap, but I actually use their multi-surface cleanser as well. The graphic design of both soaps are very similar (almost the same other than the ingredient and the line drawing in the background). At a first sight, I didn’t like the design of the label because I thought it was too cluttered with many different typefaces, but as I look more into it, I definitely find it very interesting.

Mrs.meyer’s soap’s label uses the color that doesn’t pop-out too much and I think that is a very nice color choice for the customer’s eye and creates a nice hierarchy with the typefaces. It uses so many different typefaces in the label. It uses different fonts, thicknesses and sizes, and even colors. However, this surprisingly doesn’t bother the user’s eye that much (at least my eyes). I think that is because the designer created a good hierarchy in the typography. As you can see, “meyer’s hand soap” is obviously emphasized because that is the first thing that the customer will look for. Then, your eyes will catch the white circle saying what scent it is. Third, the customer will look for what chemical has been used and has not. That information is on the other side inside of the white rectangular box. Lastly, there is a barcode inside the smaller white box. I think this label is very well designed and calculated based on the information that the customer seeks out. I also appreciate the little details that the designer put onto it. As you look closer, you will see the white line drawing that looks like a lady washing her hands. On the multisurface soap, it has a drawing of a lady cleaning the sink. This type of detail gives little enjoyment to the customer.