This picture is the poster of the movie “Parasite” which was really famous for a while and it is the first South Korean film to win Palme d’Or. The plot of this poster is ingeniously conceived. I really want to share what I felt from this poster. 

At first sight, the mystery of this poster inspired my curiosity about this movie. Whose white thighs are those? Why the boy is holding a stone? Why are their eyes being covered up? All those questions absorbed me to see the movie to find the answers to those questions.

However, when you look at it more closely you will find more interesting details. The color of the cover-up on their eyes is different. On the right side of this poster, those two’s eyes cover-up by the black line. But on the left side, the couple’s cover-up by the white line. It may want to tell us that even it looks like the people on this poster live together but they have a different status. Connect to the sentence on the bottom of this poster “Act like you own the place” also confirmed my guess that they do have a different status. What’s more, the cover-up on all the characters’ eyes means this movie doesn’t have a leading role like other normal movies, in other words, everyone on this poster can be called a leading role. This movie only tells the story to the audience by a third-person narrator. 

I highly recommend you watch this movie. If you see this poster again after you finished the movie, you will feel it is really thought-provoking. 


Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Steven Nohren 04/01/2020 on 12:03 AM

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ve read some of the reviews but I have yet to see this poster. I think the design choice to censor the eyes of the actors has some interesting subtext behind it. In the image, the actor’s gaze is focused on the camera, as if they acknowledge the presence of us, the viewer. Consider if the censor bars weren’t there and how that would change the meaning of the image.

  • Arshi Jumma 04/01/2020 on 7:34 AM

    I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for a long time, and I’ll definitely watch it now after seeing your post. I have seen this poster before but I never looked at it precisely. You pointed out a lot of interesting details that I never noticed or thought about. When I look at this poster, I think of something mysterious going on. Even though they’re all standing in a nice garden behind a beautiful house, the covering on their eyes makes it seem like they’re somehow trapped, either physically or psychologically. There’s also a strong juxtaposition between the rich couple, and the two men and the person whose legs can be partially seen. The use of bright and dull colors also make this evident. The man in the back seems to be holding a rock, and the legs that we can see seem to be of of a dead body which might indicate a murder. So, maybe there is something about a murder mystery or a dark secret in the movie, which might also explain why everyone’s eyes are censored in the poster.

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