Taco Bell is Wild

For this example of graphic design “in the wild”, I decided to analyze a Taco Bell wrapper. For the many years I have been eating Taco Bell, their food wrappers have not change much. They continuously have used purple and orange in their company colors. On this wrapper, there are two bells present, a purple one and an orange one. The bells seem to transform in one another; however, it is very hard to see. Although the graphics on this wrapper are interesting and different, I found it difficult to look at. In my opinion, there seems to be a lot going on and I cannot entirely point out one bell from another. The design overall just looks very busy, there’s a lot going on. With that being said, I do like the contrast of the purple and orange colors and really like how they picked those two for their company advertisement(s). Not many designers would pair purple and orange against one another but Taco Bell’ designer(s) successfully do so. I chose this wild design because although I did not prefer it, it does catch my eyes and leaves me wondering. Although it seems like a very simple design, it is very confusing. Someone could spend a lot of time analyzing and trying to ‘put together’ this design and still not fully understand what is going on. However, it does have a lot of abstract to it and sometimes graphic designs cannot be fully understood which is the point of them.