Reynolds Coliseum

For this example of graphic design “in the wild”, I saw it in Reynolds Coliseum. Throughout Reynolds, there are many exhibits and examples of graphic design images. This example displayed a collage of an N.C. State woman golf player, some volleyball players together in a huddle and the audience present at one volleyball match at Reynolds. I really liked this design because it kept my eyes moving. Every picture present in this montage carefully flowed into one another and did not look choppy or hard to read. This design was obviously advertisement Wolfpack Athletics and did so well. I also thought that the addition of making the images black and white was effective too. Making it black and white helped the design ‘flow’ as well as make it pleasing to the eye. Personally, I really like black and white images because it is much more interesting to look at and it gives off an ‘ancient’ and almost ‘antique’ vibe, which I enjoy. Black and white images make everything seem much more together and provides a sense of uniformity. The designers also did a good job with incorporating the images together through darkening some aspects of it and lightening other aspects to successfully form into one another. Looking at it in person, the woman golfer looks just as much as part of the picture as the volleyball team does. I chose this wild design because it caught my eyes and thought it would be interesting to analyze all of its elements closer.

Discussion — One Response

  • Julia Pascoe 03/31/2020 on 8:20 PM

    I agree that the designer did a wonderful job incorporating the images and colors in the design. As I was reading and seeing the picture in your post, I also thought that the designer was trying to inspire NC State students, athletes and visitors of Reynolds. From the picture and the significance of the place, I can imagine myself walking through the collesium and being inspired by the photographs and the design of the space. The powerful poses of the people pictured gives an inspirational vibe to the space. In addition, the powerful colors of black, white and red represent NC State’s school spirit and motivates those to do their best and be apart of the Wolfpack. I think that the designer had in mind that the walls of Reynolds would represent the vision of NSCU athletics and would encourage people to want to become a part of NC State University.

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