The Pizza Type

Throughout my day, I have noticed that graphic design is really in the wild which means it is all over the places you go and it is seen everywhere you go. The types of graphic design Ive seen is digital or analogy in where they can be in posters, billboards, design/logos and many more. For this post I tried to find an example of graphic design that was different and really show what a graphic design is all about. This wild graphic design I found was a invitation for a pizzeria that I received from my boss. I chosen this wild design card because the overall look of it is very dramatized and brings your attention to it. I like how the card has the different complexity of colors and glitters within the typography and art around the card. The card has images of the different ingredients they use to make a pizza. Such as tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, and pepperoni. I like how they incorporated those images to show what type of event you are going to and it brings more attention to the card and design aspect of the card. They type typeface it has is serif with brownish colors which stands in the middle of card. I really like this design because is a card/ invitation that I have never seen before in where is something that you can keep as a decoration for your office. I suggest that the card would showed the name of the pizzeria bigger.