Mountain trip

Last year I went to the Mountains with my family. We went for Halloween to go see the Tweetsie Railroad Halloween special. A special show they put on when they dress up the train and the park around it, making it “ultra-spooky” for Halloween. We stayed in the mountains for about a week, exploring different areas, but out of all the places we saw and all the awesome and beautiful visuals and designs, the design of the Tweetsie Train itself is the most memorable one. The story was average: “Zombies were made by scientist and are attacking the train”, my parents said that when they went the year before they had a way better story. That did not bother me, since the sight of just the train itself was enough for me. A giant metal skull for the front of the train, blowing smoke, with bright color lights for the eyes and the mouth.  The design meant to look threatening but impressive. I love the design of the Tweetsie Railroad during Halloween, I have always enjoyed designs with skulls and flames. The Tweetsie Railroad has been by far my favorite. One of the best parts of this design is that although it is huge and intricate, the park must set it up and take it off every weekend that the Halloween special is running. The Park keeps running their normal business and style -Wild West- and changes it after normal hours are over on the first day of the special. The special runs for two days a week and after that second day is finished they take all the decorations off and replace them with the usual.