Multilingual Advertising

My next Wild Design Post is going to be on a Sol de Janeiro body cream. Unlike most fragrance body creams today, this particular one is in a tub like container which is smart advertising considering it stands out compared to all of the other body creams in the plastic tubes. When shopping, customers tend to be drawn to items that are still the product that they are looking for but are somehow different from the surrounding products. Once the customer has picked up the body cream they will buy it based on the scent which I can verify this one is amazing. The two toned packaging with a solid yellow base with nothing written on it and a white top with the brand and ingredients printed in simple black lettering. Advertising with the use of legible black lettering on a white background is an eye catching way to draw customers to pick up  product to read the words that have caught their eye. Interestingly enough, the packaging is yellow because of the name of this brand “Sol de Janeiro”. Which the first word of that is in Spanish, in English it translates to “sun”.  Therefore the signature vibrant yellow packaging is a nod to the name of the brand. I personally speak Spanish and English so I was drawn to this product that incorporates multiple languages in the packaging. The ploy of making a product that is multilingual is smart advertising because then the the product reaches out to a broader audience.