Hazy Wild Design

Hazy Little Thing, an American IPA hailing from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, caught my eye right off the bat in my pursuits of design “in the wild.” Believe it or not, the design on this beverage’s can is actually the reason I decided to try it in the first place. I was attracted to the retro-like feel of the packaging label — to me, the teal and yellow color choices paired with the bubbly, sun-shaped motif at the center gives it a summery, warm feel. Initially, the graphic reminded me of some sort of 1970’s-style psychedelic poster. Aside from the initial draw of the label itself, though, I recognized that the beer was brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing. I am pretty big on supporting local, and Sierra Nevada has a microbrewery location in Asheville, North Carolina, so coming to that realization meant that I just had to give it a try.

This beverage hit the market back in 2018, so I would still consider it a pretty “new” invention, despite the 70’s vibe that I got upon first glance. I love the design because it seems to give off a relaxed, inclusive feel. The label sets the stage for what looks like sunny summer paradise, and the words “family owned, operated, and argued over” printed near the can’s rim makes it feel familiar and welcoming. I also like the font choice that was used for the words “Hazy Little Thing IPA,” and the way that the words move fluidly across the can. As a whole, this design feels energetic, fun, and timeless. If you are someone who, too, likes to support local, enjoys great design, and appreciates a good IPA, I would recommend giving it a try!

Discussion — One Response

  • Anna Lawrence 03/31/2020 on 7:03 PM

    My family is a fan of Sierra Nevada, and they like this IPA a lot! I also enjoy the design because of its bright energy and expressive, asymmetrical text. It’s definitely very eye-catching and sparks interest whether it’s on a shelf or by itself. The two-color theme makes it very easy to read without distracting from the complicated forms. I also think the phrase “Family owned, operated, & argued over” is a creative touch.
    However, I am curious why the brewery chose this kind of imagery to represent a beverage named “Hazy Little Thing”. While I think the psychedelic poster style could be an accurate representation for “Hazy”, it doesn’t seem fitting for “Little Thing”. This design is very loud and explosive, but the name “Hazy Little Thing” brings to mind something small and submissive, almost slow-moving. This kind of contrast is very interesting to me. Perhaps this design is aimed more at describing the flavor of the beverage rather than the name it was given.

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