Pure Genius

When I lived in New York City last summer, street art was everywhere. Honestly, in every major city street art is everywhere. On my street corner, one of the first things I noticed in my quiet Brooklyn neighborhood (yes, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Adam Driver, Maggie Gyllenhaal, lived in my neighborhood!!) was a spray painted “pure genius” on the ground. I thought this was so cool, and took the picture (above) a few days after I moved in. I began seeing them around the city, and decided to investigate what it was. Pure Genius is a street artist who replicates his art all around NYC, with art showing up all over. I thought that the gaps between the lines, and how it reminded me of fonts reserved for construction, machinery, and things that weren’t fun, colorful, and unique. While each of these around the city had the same template, the colors were all different. Some were solid, some had metallic backgrounds, some were rainbow. I loved getting to see them as I walked through the city, and made sure to document the few in my neighborhood that I later discovered. I also liked that even though it was the artist’s name, and was a self advertisement, it was also art on it’s own. I thought that this was cool, because people seeing it without knowing who Pure Genius was could apply it to anything. “You are Pure Genius,” and other similar, positive sentiments were what my friends and I interpreted it to be before we learned further, but I’m sure that the artist as well meant it to be a positive sentiment.