F✌️CK 👁 ❤️ YOU!

This was one of the first pieces of street art I’ve ever seen. I first saw it summer of 2018 when I was in Montreal. As you can see, the art has a very nice, yet shocking meaning. At first glance, you’re like huh, that’s rude. But then, when you read it again you realize it is kind of nice…vulgar, yet passionate and kind of nice. I thought that this resonated with me, a lot, as it has the spirit of a young person- a little vulgar, not necessarily coming off the nicest, but with good intentions. This clearly comes from a stencil, with a way to give variations to it with color, but most commonly I’ve seen it with a red heart and black or white lettering. I really like this because I’ve seen them everywhere, in NYC, Montreal, and many more cities according to their Instagram story highlights. According to the highlights, the artist has put them in Russia, Poland, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Austin, Paris, Boston, Vancouver, Montreal, NYC, Toronto, Chicago, Australia, Jamaica, Miami, and Israel. It encourages love, letting go of reservations, and just loving. I found a Facebook and Instagram profile for the movement and have linked the movement’s website below. I really like the way it is easily replicated without losing the uniqueness, as each’s location is unique. I also like the clean all caps block font. I think that the cleanliness of the design matched with the almost chaotic energy makes the design something that can truly resonate with people.