Wild 3D Picture

I chose this wild design, because it is absolutely amazing to me how 3D pictures work. From the left angle, you see a magical woman wearing a fancy robe with a red dragon and a wand. From straight ahead, you see an elvish woman in a purple dress and a crown with a baby dragon in a pond. Finally, from the right angle, you see, what I assume is, a fairy with a butterfly mask, red wings, and a black and red dress. All three pictures are on the same frame but at different angles. They all have a very mystical and magical sense about them. All the details put into each picture, even including the archways behind the initial main female subject, are amazing. I’ve always loved magical tales and each one of these pictures seem like there is a story behind it. My favorite image would probably be the middle one with the elvish woman holding the baby dragon. It gives me a sense of nurturing and it kind of seems like she is giving him a bath which I find cute. I also love the outfit the artist put her in and all of the colors in the scene. The artist even includes small details such a tattoo on her arm along with an arm band and even earnings. I cannot make out what the tattoo is supposed to be, but I never associated elves with tattoos. So, it is pretty cool to me how this artist integrated our modern body art into this masterpiece.

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  • Samanta Ferrero 03/31/2020 on 11:53 AM

    This is a beautiful painting and an incredible artistic process. After seeing this image I decided to search for how this works and I found a good amount of information on Wikipedia. This seems to be a Lenticular painting. The process involves splitting the image into strips and interlacing the pictures. This process can also be used to create small animations. In most cases it seems to be combined with varnish to create the “lenses” that allow for the different images to be seen. There are three types of Lenticular images: transforming, animated, and Stereoscopic effects. This one in particular would be a transforming painting, where big moments are needed for the pictures to change. This type of images are very interesting and I wish I had the artistic ability to make one.

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