B&W Coffee Roasters

For my wild design I decided to do B&W coffee roasters out of Wake Forest, NC. I recently bought one of their year-round roasts and really enjoyed the packaging and the design they have incorporated into their coffee beans.

As their name implies, B&W takes a very simple approach to their design, making the bags of their coffee beans, you guessed it, black and white. But they did decide to place a very pastel yellow for “The Original” blend I went for. I really enjoy the yellow placed on the front as it’s super pleasing to the eye and just catchy enough to bring your attention to it, while not taking away from the black and white of the rest of the design. Placing their logo “B&W” directly on the front, with white typeface surrounded by a black circle makes it stand out much more. Within the yellow on the front is the name of the blend, country of origin, altitude of the beans (masl or meters above sea-level), tasting notes, process, roast type, and a cute little panda with a geometric art style. This portion, although mainly for information, is really well designed and incorporated to give the bag life. The seemingly boring info about the coffee is given more of a purpose with the sans-serif fonts and the geometric panda to spice it up even more.

On the side of the bag is an eloquent drawing of a coffee tree while fruiting, also in black and white. I love this style of art and gives the bag an extra bit of creativity that makes me want to buy it even more!

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  • Colleen Clifford 03/30/2020 on 4:44 PM

    I agree, the yellow adds a very nice pop of color to the design. I like how most of the design was on brand and stuck with their name, black and white. I think the cleanliness of the logo and the fonts used made the design very visually appealing. I also like how you pointed out the coffee tree drawing. Because the rest of the design features such clean lines, it makes the drawing even more stand out and appealing. I really like how you saw nuances within the design that would be overlooked as well, like the panda. Great review!

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