Physical Therapy At Home

The new ‘stay-at-home’ order has heavily influenced everyone’s daily lives; including school, sports, and even things like doctors visits. While I was wandering around the house I noticed my mom using a device on her neck, and to my curiosity, I had to ask what it was. This device, strangely shaped, was given to her from her physical therapist since her regular office visits have been postponed. Before the coronavirus, I didn’t realize the magnitude to which devices like this impact people’s lives.

The device is called the Denneroll, and it came in a little box that’s small enough to be easily portable. My mom explained that the shape is carefully carved to target certain points on her spine and help her fight early against arthritis. The curves in the Denneroll allow her to lay on it in various positions to target four different pin points on her spine. This little device is really interesting to me, super simple, but makes a big impact on my mom’s daily quality of life and overall health. It’s interesting to see little devices like these and their origins; this one is actually based out of Australia and New Zealand. Devices like these influence me to reflect on the design in the medical field, and just overall designing with intention.

As I continue to grow as a designer and find my niche, it’s super important for me to understand my intent in creating and what I look to get out of creating whatever it is. These little devices are just more motivation for me to grow as an artist and designer for the greater good of those around me.

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  • Sakshi Gupta 03/31/2020 on 2:15 PM

    Wow! I had not known about this thing! Thank you for this post and helping us all learn a little more and be appreciative of things around us!

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