Google Home Mini

I decided to dive deeper into the design of the packaging for my Google Home Mini. When trying to decide on what I was going to complete my Wild Design on, for some reason this simplistic packaging caught my eye. I thought this would be interesting to analyze because it is such a simplistic design but obviously was very well thought out with intent. Overall, I do like the design and appreciate the simplicity of it. I feel like many tech companies have minimalistic designs and for some reason this design approach seems more “futuristic” in a way.

While the Google Home itself is cylindrical, the box that it comes in is a simple white box. In the top right-hand corner, to the right of the image of the Google Home, are the words “Google Home Mini”. The only other graphic on the front of the box is the generic “G” logo for Google. Something that stands out to me is the little color used. My Google Home is in the color chalk, which has a white bottom and a grey top. Something that I do like about this typography is that each word is on its own line and all the lettering is grey. However, the top word, “Google”, is a light grey and “Home” is a little darker, and ultimately “Mini” being in the darkest shade of the three. I think this subtle darkening of the grey added detail in a simple way. The lettering is all in the standard block font that Google uses. The other graphic I mentioned was the “G” logo for Google. This is the only coloring on the front of the box. This provides a simple pop of color and with the logo being well known; this would draw the attention of a consumer if just browsing.