Unity Through Diversity

I heard of Jericó Delayah, an illustrator based out of Barcelona, Spain, from one of my favorite rap artists, Andy Mineo. Delayah created the visual world for some of Mineo’s albums such as The Arrow, and I really enjoyed his work on those projects.

So I looked up Delayah’s Instagram, and I found a beautiful design for a campaign entitled “Unity Through Diversity” for LRG Clothing.

The artwork is a perfect representation of the phrase “Unity Through Diversity,” which is also written at the bottom in bold white letters. The diversity is shown in a mosaic of colors, shapes, and textures, and the unity is shown in the representation of a single person.

That being said, I like how different skin tones and features are represented in this person. I see different shades of brown, different sized freckles, different eyebrow shapes, and different hair styles in this mosaic. Thus, the “unity through diversity” theme is perfectly shown through Delayah’s work because one person is represented by a combination of features of different people.

I interpret this to mean that we can have unity because we are all humans. Our features may be different, but we are all people. So we shouldn’t be divisive over our diversity — we should be united.

I also enjoy the simplicity of the lines and the colors in this piece. By choosing whole, contrasting colors for each mosaic piece and by using thick lines, the piece feels focused around the essence of the person. Lastly, I enjoy the details of the torn paper, which add to the mosaic effect. Again, while the piece is diverse in terms of lines, colors, and shapes, it is still united around a single person.

In terms of what I did not like, I can’t say that I did not like anything. I love the entire piece.

Thus, Delayah’s piece shows us we can still unite, though we are diverse. When we choose celebration over division, we can find unity through diversity.