Katsui’s Global Brain Poster

This poster was designed by Mitsuo Katsui in 1996 for the GALA. Katsui’s work featured in an exhibition of seven independent contemporary artists as part of a series called ‘Global Brain.’ There is little information to be found on this event and the poster itself. If one were to google search ‘GALA Yuzawa,’ a website for a snow resort in Japan pops up which is most likely not what this exhibition was for.

This poster has a centered eye catching design. It is an abstraction of what looks like bokeh, a photography technique that turns lights into bubble-like shapes, and a flame. It is vivid red and blue that mix in the center and creates a fluorescent violet. The flame aspect comes in with the little flickers of orange in the center that almost take the shape of fire. The background has a black box that has been blurred at the top and a mixture of blurred violet, blue, and red. 

Once again, Katsui leaves his mark with this design that can be spotted from miles away. It is very simple yet intriguing to look at, has vibrant colors that blend and gradient, and the composition is abstracted. It was made in a different time than some of the other pieces in this series, but very well paired as the others have similar compositions that make each other stand out. 

Global Brain 1996

The series this poster is a part of.