WWiGD: Saul Bass

This project by Saul Bass is the title sequence to the movie North by Northwest. It was designed in 1959 when the movie came out. It was created for the director of the movie Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock was an important director at the time, directing movies like North by Northwest, Vertigo (which Saul also worked on), The Birds, and more. Alfred Hitchcock and Saul Bass worked on many different projects together because they worked well together. His title sequence that he made was probably the first title sequence he made that was considered ‘modern’, where he adopted a minimalistic, clean style. This title sequence showcases the normal type of design that he used which was a minimalistic style which he used for most of his life. It is an important project for him because it helped showcase his new style that Saul used for a while afterwards. It was a pretty good milestone in his career because it showcased his very important design he liked to use which is minimalistic design. Saul Bass is also known to use a lot of lines and blocks in his title sequences like the use of them in the title sequence he made for the thrilled Psycho. Since Saul Bass is known for his minimalistic style of design, this title sequence made for North by Northwest showcases how he used that. With the use of the buildings in the sequence and the way the words were on the screen, it made it aesthetically pleasing to watch and look at.