WWiGD: Saul Bass

The Shining

This project by Saul Bass is the poster for the movie The Shining. It was created for the workers and cast on the film. It was created in 1978, where he created five different designs. Although you might believe that this was easy and that everyone loved Saul Bass’s work, many of his designs for The Shining were rejected. The client that this poster was made for was Stanley Kubrick who was the director for the movie and many other movies including Spartucus (which both Bass and Kubrick worked on), Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick rejected many of his designs because they were hard to read, or they weren’t compact enough. He was a very particular type of person who wanted an exact design that Saul wasn’t giving him at the time. The poster that was chosen in the long run worked for both of them. This poster also showcases his minimalistic design because of the words across the screen and the bright color incorporated in it. The final poster has a large head peering through the title which showcases the iconic scene “Here’s Johnny” which helps the individuals who are watching the movie understand what it really is about once you watch it. This wasn’t one of his most important projects because of all of the rejections he got. It showcases typology because of the use of the words and images thrown into the title on the poster. Since that’s basically the only thing on the poster, it is the main point throughout it.