Kate Moross Vogue UK

This project, designed and created by Kate Moross, was for Vogue UK. They wanted her to draw the backdrop (seen in the featured image) for the Brit Awards in May 2010, and commissioned her based on completion. Each artist performing or hosting at the awards were photographed at the backdrop illustration and were featured in the magazine. This piece of artwork represented Kate and her special design techniques by the bright and crazy colors of pink, yellow and orange. In addition, it had crazy typography and hand-written design. I believe this piece was a milestone in her career because Vogue is a well-known magazine, and for her to have exposure in a print-media such as that is an achievement at hand. I think this design fit in well with her “name” because the awards are always supposed to be fun and thrilling, and her designs show just that! Because it is a large backdrop, this is a print-media design. In addition, because it was printed in a magazine, it is also labeled as print media. I find it interesting that Kate completed this design because she is so popular in the UK and sometimes Vogue can be seen as more fashionable versus thrilling colors! Kate should definitely be proud of this design; I think it looks amazing just by looking at photos online, and I know it would look even better in person! I’m glad that she got to portray her personality in a way that also got her some exposure in a top-notch industry as the Brit Awards.

https://www.katemoross.com/VOGUE-BRITS-ARTICLE Kate Moross, 2010