The design with stories

I made these three shapes in my ADN 112 class. The main goal of this project was to explore the relationship between different basic forms.

The first two shapes on the top are mainly designed by the combination of other geometric shapes, which means that I did not use my design skills but only the knowledge of basic shapes. However, when I was thinking about how I should make the ‘both’ shape, I had a story first and then applied this story to my design.

Since most of the geometric shapes have sharp angles and straight lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a shape with curved edges (To add some soft value). Heart shape has smooth curves, and the heart is not only an organ in our body but also a strong emotional symbol in the design world. So I decided to make a heart, and I cut three holes on the heart. The reason is that in the real world, we can get hurt from other things, and then feel heartbreak. The three holes with different shapes mean the pain in our hearts. However, there are three additive shapes under the holes. I want to use the additive forms to indicate that each person has unique attributes and powers in their heart, even when they get hurt. From my perspective, I can use my traits to fill my sadness and become a better self.

After I designed this shape, I found the importance of learning stories and feeling emotions from the real world. I can get inspired by my surroundings (what happens now) and histories (what happened in the past) to improve my design skills and also develop my ability to observe the world.