The bright and well-arranged Harris Teeter

Two days ago, I went to a Harris Teeter that is near my apartment to get milk and other snakes. The main shape of this Harris Teeter is like a giant cube or a rectangle, and it’s divided into small cubes and squares (different sections for food and other supplies). The total experience and feeling of this visiting was comfortable, orientated, and relax.

Image one: The right side after I enter the market.

The light in the Harris Teeter is intense but not burning my eyes. I think the design of the light is appropriate in this situation. For example, when people come through a day, this light is matching with the daylight so no one will feel dark or uncomfortable after they enter the market from the outside. Also, during the night, this level of light is bright enough for people of all ages to see goods on the shelves.

The closest area on the right side of the front door (image one) is the area of healthy products and personal care products, such as calcium tablets, medicines with prescription, shampoo, and toothpaste. I think one possible reason for designers to design this area is that more and more people are buying healthy products recently, and personal care products are essential for all people. To be more specific, this ares helps all ages of people to save time and energy when they are looking for a medicine or a healthy productis, especially for the elder people.

Image two: The 1/3 left side of the whole Harris Teeter (connected with the area in image one).

The middle area of the whole market was full of lights, wild (enough space for a bunch of people walking through this area), and well-managed. This big area contains fresh food and hand-made food. All the goods are arranged with specific directions rather than randomly sitting on shelves. From this area, I can see that the type of products is the biggest reason for designers to choose to arrange the whole market. Foods are the most important items we need to support ourselves, and we need food every day. The collection of foods in this area helps most of the people to find their needs (no matter the fresh food or the hand-made food).

Image three: the backside of the whole market.

The whole backside is connected with the food area in image two, which is the cold food and meat area. I think this connection makes me comfortable. Although all kinds of food are gathering in the same area, they are also divided into three smaller parts separately. So there is no confusion for people to buy food. For instance, the fresh food area is only for fruits and vegetables. I can walk through different parts step by step rather than see all categories of food are putting together. This design increase the sense of beauty and cleanliness.

On the other hand, when I was in the market, I noticed that most of the shelves are made in black or dark colors. I think some of them can be a good background for goods with light color. However, some of the products are also made in dark colors. This may not be the most effective way for the market to display the items. I would change the color of shelves to try to best match with the goods.