Enlight: Art and Science in Everyday Life

I love dance. I dance every day, and I am on Fusion Dance Crew at NC State.

One dancer that I came across on Instagram goes by the name of Mr. Kriss from Prague. What is interesting about Mr. Kriss (or Kristián Mensa) is that he is also a graphic designer.

I like his Instagram because he finds beauty in everyday items such as mushrooms or apples.

I wanted to explore more of his work, so I looked up his personal website.

On his website under Commercial Work, I found a piece called Enlight, where you see a photo of solar panels drawn over to look like a woman is strumming a guitar.

I love this piece for a couple of reasons:

  1. I love music.
  2. I love sustainability.
  3. I love seeing the physical world in new ways.

Great artists make you see the world differently.

I like Mr. Kriss because he turned photovoltaic cells into a guitar, which I would have never have thought of before. It is pieces like these that make me want to train my eye to find connections like this in my everyday routine.

In addition, through Enlight, Mr. Kriss associates the pleasure of music with the pleasure of renewable energy. I am inspired by this because I enjoy both science and art. I dance every day, but I am also pursuing a PhD in Computer Science.

Just as Mr. Kriss combines guitars with solar cells, I also seek to combine dance with computer science research. Not explicitly, but I use dance philosophies in my daily work, and I believe Enlight is a physical representation of the same ideas: art inspires science, science inspires art.

Thus, it is pieces like Enlight that enlighten my day because they show us that art and science can be unified and explained in a beautiful way.