Lululemon Bag

After my first purchase at Lululemon, I received this bag used to carry my product outside of the store. I’ve seen this bag around before and have always tried to read it from a distance. However, when I received my own, I realized that the design is rather complicated and confusing to read. Although Lululemon is known for its recognizable and simplistic logo, the shopping bag does not do it justice. From a typographic standpoint, the language is a mixture of different typefaces, making it hard for the viewer to read. As a customer receiving this bag, I did not know what to read or where to read first. Because there is no focal point, the viewer’s gaze is conflicted. The use of white text on an organized grid is noticeable but is still confusing for the viewer to interpret. If Lululemon wanted their customers to analyze their bag for longer than a minute, they achieved their goal. After I took the time to read the randomized texts, I understood the overall idea of making healthy and long-lasting habits in life. I believe the purpose of Lululemon is engaging with the customers, but a different layout could be more effective. However, I do like the contrast between the red background and white text. The symbol located towards the bottom of the bag demonstrates the simplistic logo of Lululemon. It evenly balances out the busy text layout above. Overall, I like the inspiring statements Lululemon chose to display on their bag. They encourage customers to achieve their maximum potential by living a healthier life. However, it does not successfully attract customers because the layout is rather confusing.