Django Unchained

One of my favorite directors is Quentin Tarantino, his story telling ability and cinematography draws me in every time I see one of his films. My favorite of his films is Django Unchained, and I’ve chosen a poster for that film for this Wild Design post!

The first time I saw this poster, I thought, “I have to have this.” Although a simple and flat design, the poster brings a lot to the table. With its bold red background and simple border of white, mixed with the black supporting it all, it really catches my eye and forces me to examine it. The black and white can connote to mourning and cheerless occasions and the red for violence. The black chain links following the right side of the work, are conducive to this as well as it alludes to the story and movie itself. As the eye follows the chain it comes to the bottom where two figures are seen walking next to one another along a black colored field. This is presumably the protagonists, Django and Dr. Schultz. The figures are holding guns, alluding to the violent nature of the plot line and hinting at the plots trajectory of their quest. The most interesting thing to me about the figures, though, is how they complete the chain links that I mentioned earlier. One of the only things I find about this poster that I dislike though, is the huge space the names of the actors take up within the design, covering over two-thirds of the design in general. I wish more art, like the figures and chain could have been incorporated but I still enjoy the design with that taken into account.