Beauty Bakerie Eyeshadow Palette

Front Side. I was given this eyeshadow palette as a Christmas gift and use it quite frequently.

The design for this packaging has frequently had me starting at all the little details on it. Most other make-up palette covers I have are quite minimalist and not as vibrant as this one. The theme of the brand is food and baking, so their color choice for the palette was based around pudding which was reflected in the product design. The shapes are quite simple, but some areas have colors used for highlights and shading that add a bit of dimensionality to the cover. The color choices are very autumn influenced, but the touch of blue in the bowl adds a bit of emphasis so the eye doesn’t get used to the orange and yellow color pattern. It also catches the viewer’s attention because of the break in the color scheme. Overall, the front cover design is very pretty and looks appetizing. The only thing I don’t really like are the small stars placed around the cover. I feel that they don’t go along too well with the pudding design and makes the cover feel a bit busy.

Backsides of palettes are typically just blocks of texts that talk about the palette and the ingredients inside of it. What I like about this back cover is that they extended the design from the front to wrap around the back, adding to the cohesiveness of the packaging. The typography on both the front and back work really well for me. The use of simple sans serif letterforms for the descriptive parts allow for the text to be neat and easy to read. The use of calligraphy inspired fonts allows for more emphasis and also looks very elegant.

Back Side


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  • Katelyn Caruso 02/28/2020 on 6:03 PM

    I have this same makeup palette, and my first impression was how cute I thought the packaging was. It definitely caught my eye. I think the title is very cute and they did a good job at matching the theme to the title. I found the colors and mixes of browns and creams and yellows to be almost kind of relaxing. I found the cover to be very comforting in a strange way. While I totally see where you are coming from, I enjoy the stars throughout the cover because I think it adds another dimension of fun and sparkle to the theme. Perhaps they could have put less sparkles on it to make it less crowded. Overall, I really like the look of this palette and find it to be very cute and happy to look at.

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