Chobani Multipack Container

For my first Design in the Wild I chose a Peach Flavored Chobani fruit cup multipack container. It interested me initially because it’s my go-to flavor, so it’s the one I had on hand. The Chobani brand is more inviting than the rest. I believe this is because of their use of space, type and color. There’s an asymmetrical balance in the organization on the side of the multipack container, the art gives way to the type even though they are almost equal from a hierarchical standpoint. The word Chobani and the peach/peach wedges are the most dominant elements on the container with all the subsequent type and graphics supporting these two elements. You get everything you need to know about from those two elements alone, but the delight and warmth of the brand comes from the color. The palette is soft, from the bright warm tones of the peach to the background white which is more of a cream and not a harsh blue-toned white like other brands. The main type is a dark green tone and not a stark flat black, it’s strong without being overpowering. The serif is solid and borders on being a slab serif. It works well with the thinner, almost wiry looking, secondary type that follows underneath. The type used for the remaining information is tastefully done by being a muted taupe color that is not distracting but still readable and well integrated into the overall design of the package. Overall, I found this packaging to be very successful at standing apart from other competing products by branding with more of a “sense of home” in mind.

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  • Madeline Nocar 02/27/2020 on 10:08 PM

    I also really like Chobani’s packaging and branding style. I think that it really reflects their ideal of natural, simple, good tasting yogurt. Although it stands out from the other yogurt companies, it isn’t flashy at all. I think the typeface is tasteful (hehe) and it’s very easy to understand what is inside the package. I like how you noticed this, cool post!

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