The Silence of the Lambs

I’m always interested in criminal and psychology movies and TV series.  I’ve seen a lot of criminal movie posters. “The silence of the lambs” is the most impressive and meaningful one for me that I want to discuss and share. The first time I saw this poster, I was attracted by her red pupil eye, then I looked at the butterfly on her mouth. I wonder why? Also, this whole scene and hue make me feel uncomfortable and creepy. Though I have to admit that this design is really wonderful and thoughtful after I looked at this poster more carefully.

First, the red pupil eyes of this woman show she wants to tell us something but she cannot speak because of the butterfly on her mouth. Why is the pupil red? It may be because this woman is not dead by accident but intentionally killed by someone. Second, the most special characteristic of the butterfly is metamorphosis. It implies the serial killer in the movie that he wants to “metamorphosis” from man to a woman just like this butterfly on this woman’s mouth which is the reason that he killed women and skinned the victims’ corpses. 

Third, when you zoom the butterfly, you can see a skull on the butterfly, I prefer it is the sign of death which means this woman was killed and that’s the reason why she cannot speak. She is a victim killed by this butterfly which is the serial killer in this movie.

Lastly, if you zoom in on the butterfly again. You will see the skull is made up of several naked women which hint to us again that the serial killer cruelly killed those women to facilitate his “metamorphosis”. Even this poster makes me feel creepy. I have to say it is a really ingenious design for this movie.