Branding for Jubala Coffee

My Wild Design entry for January is the packaging for Jubala Coffee. It’s very unique from other coffee shops that I have visited. While most brands focus on darker earth-tone colors, images from nature, or other designs referencing coffee beans and organic coffee farming, Jubala takes a different approach. The coffee cups and sleeves are a bright yellow that is attractive to the eye. It reminds me of the sun, which has connotations of warmth and wakefulness. This is an idea that would be advantageous for a coffee shop to advertise, since many people drink coffee in the morning to wake up and be energized for the day. The color of the cup also contrasts from the darkness of the coffee that is served in it. 

The logo on the sleeve shows a very modern style. The typeface is minimalist and sans-serif, and is unified with the geometric pattern by having a similar line weight. The white letters stand out against the yellow background, making them easy to read without competing with the brightness of the cup. Surrounding the type is a symmetric geometric pattern. The use of triangles and symmetry make the logo appear balanced and pleasing to the eye. This logo is referenced by the geometric design printed on the coffee cup. This pattern uses a similar triangular system, creating a common theme for the brand. A darker mustard color is chosen so it blends with the color scheme. Overall, this is a very successful and well-planned design.