Goths Against Fascism by gloomydemons

Political propaganda

created by gloomydemons

I encountered this graphic design yesterday while reading the evening news. It is attributed by the original Facebook poster to gloomydemons as creator. When you enter “Goths Against Fascism” under Google Image Search this appears as #1, and looking at other versions on the page, it is easy to see why. The 3/4 silhouette of the bat and the correct 45 degree angle of the Nazi swastika being disposed of contrast with the almost comic abstraction of the wastebasket; there is an interplay of 2D/3D taking place that keeps it visually intriguing. The inscription in the bottom half in Spanish translates roughly: “The fascists don’t dance in our darkness.” Crossed switchblades suggest both scissors (to “cut out” the fascists) and menace, as in these are Goths that mean business. This is the most highly charged and effective piece of political art I’ve seen in 2020.