I found this item in my drawer and every time I see it I wish I never bought it in the first place. I am an individual who loves investing money and saving it as well. If anyone reading this post has ever been to a Gucci store you start questioning why items are so expensive. The quality of the store and products are outstanding but overpriced. The brand name is recognized all over the world and if we take a look at the bag we can see that it is as simple as can be. Simple gold lettering that represents fashion, class, modernity, and much more. The fact that this brand does not promote itself as much as other companies do tells you a lot about them and its prestigious name. Unfortunately, every time I walk past this store or similar brands like Louis Vuitton, I look back at my purchase and regret it every time. I could have bought twenty or more belts for the price of one. For others, this is a status symbol and represents people with money and of importance. We all know that is not always the case because there are people who would spend an entire paycheck just to obtain these products. One thing that I have noticed over time is that people who wear brands like this on a daily basis and come from a small town are automatically labeled as replicas, therefore bringing down the value of these items by geographical location. I guess if you are seen with this in Europe it is totally normal but not the same in a small town in North Carolina. An interesting socially constructed idea that’s for sure.