I found this exit sign in Leazar hall in the architecture studio.

Although it is very bright, I really enjoy the look of this exit sign and others just like it.  What I find interesting about it is how it is so incredibly simple, but at the same time, it is extremely eye-catching and attention-seeking.  The simplicity of the design is really what makes it stand out as a piece that is effective for its users.  The font that was used succeeds in being very clear and very easy to read, which is a crucial element for the design to be easily replicable.  This ability for the design to be repeated and used in many different locations also plays a role in how much it is universally accepted as a symbol of leaving.  It is of no question that most English-speaking people would easily recognize or at least be familiar with this brightly colored exit sign.  The bright red color of the sign is also another crucial element of the design.  Red is a color that is often associated with danger or emergencies.  This exit sign utilizes this common association in order to guide its viewers to a location through which they will be able to escape or find safety.  It is not only a decorative item, but it also serves the very important purpose of alerting viewers of any and all ways out of a location.  The plain white background is also very important to the design, as it allows the red text to become even brighter and more effectively viewed.