Aromatherapy Thankful

Tell me what there isn’t to love about this bottle. It’s simple yet effective in its packaging and labeling design. Usually, I’m not the biggest advocate for using gold because it can be tacky if used incorrectly; this is not the case here. The gold rectangle highlighting the scent reminds of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to the chocolate factory. There is all the information displayed on the front of the bottle, in less than 15 words,  that you need to get a general understanding of what’s on the inside. Body lotion, made of such and such, with ‘this’ title, and in ‘that’ overall line. 

I haven’t even discussed the little line drawing. To die for. It’s abstract, but not so abstract that you can’t tell what is represented. I’m a chaotic designer, and a simple line drawing is refreshing; I have a super basic line drawing tattooed on my body as a reminder that design does not always need to be energetic and loud. I might be acting a little bit over dramatic about the simplistic design of a bottle of body lotion, but one of the reasons I bought it was because of the way it looked. I wanted to see it sitting by the sink in my bathroom, and since it was pretty, I’d remember to use it, and, therefore, my hands would be soft. That seems like a good enough reason for me to get it. There isn’t anything I find annoying about this at all. As a physical product, it’s supposed to calm me, that’s its job; and as a sticker label on a glass bottle, it calms me also.

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  • Gloria Jing 02/01/2020 on 9:11 PM

    You sure have a way with words, Tess! I’m also a fan of the bottle’s simplistic design.

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