Art & Ourselves

I took this picture at Lake Johnson in Raleigh. I walked with my friends during the night after dinner, and I found this quote on the ground.

Before I took my first design class at the university, I thought that art and design are the tools and methods to solve the problems in our daily life. (For example, people have struggled with low-speed transportation, so they designed and invented the airline, subway, and high-speed train.) Nevertheless, after I took D100 and D101, I learned that they are not only problem solvers but also a way to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings. When I saw this quote on the ground, it recalls and connects with the knowledge I have learned from the previous class, and it makes me feel that I have a deeper comprehension of ‘art.’

Based on the class I have learned, there are countless art style around the world, and more and more art forms are created and spread. People create different art because they have different traditions, backgrounds, social status, economic situations, and all the other factories. In other words, we can ‘read’ a person by understanding he/she’s artworks since the art can directly show the idea from a person. For instance, I am a student, and I am interested in animation making and creating, so most of my artworks (drawing, painting, etc.) are related to animation, and my style is animated. As time goes by, I can understand myself deeper by looking back on my former artworks, which is a good reflection of this quote.

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Deb 01/15/2020 on 1:59 PM

    Well said! What a great Wild Design post to start the semester 🙂

  • Calicity Kelley 01/23/2020 on 1:57 PM

    I love the image that you have chosen for this Wild Design assignment. When looking at the image I notice the pine needles that shower across it, the bright hues on a dark ground, and the almost ominous font. This gives the quotes even more character. The quote “Art is a way of recognizing oneself.” plus the factors I mentioned above allows me to read further into the quote. The world tends to vary away from expression through art. This makes me think that the dark ground represents the world while the bright yellow represents those who know who they are through art. The pine needs that scatter the quote makes me think of people who don’t fit in with the world’s point of view but have yet to learn expression through art. The font makes me think of those who express themselves through art but in a dark and gloomy way. My observations are purely opinion-based, but I am curious if anyone else can interpret this image in the same way.

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