‘Small’ art can be ‘large’

This picture comes from a book that is called ‘Eloise in Paris.’ The author of this art book is Hilary Knight. I bought this book last year and I found interesting about the design style in this book.

This book tells a simple story that a girl who wants to go to Pairs received a letter from her mother, and the message says that she can go to Pairs with her grandma. Finally, she goes to Pairs and has a wonderful trip with her grandma.

I am impressed with the design style in this book since the whole book used only four pure colors: black, white, red, and blue. The author also used simple lines to indicate the characters, landscape, shadows, hair, and other objects. The characters in this book are funny but also full of emotions and details. The picture above is the page that she received this letter, and she was so excited. She ran fast to give this letter to her grandma but accidentally collided with others. The structure of the whole page is clean and simple (without an enormous paragraph of word description). However, it is easy to see that the girl was in a hurry and she was pleased with the letter. I feel that simple art is an active tool to express emotions, actions, and even draw a landscape. That is the reason I type my title as “small art can be large.”

The word “small” does not mean the size of the design but the color and line used in the design. This page used three colors, one sentence of description, and lines to tell a “large” and funny movement.

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  • Deb 01/15/2020 on 2:01 PM

    Just goes to show that a “minimal” (aka “small”, as you call it) visual vocabulary can go a long way towards communicating an idea!

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