Walk the Moon Posters

For this design in the wild, I took a picture of the advertisements displayed in Talley student union for the Walk the Moon concert. The graphics caught my eye with the vibrant and complementary colors, however, I managed to get lost in the actual content of the posters. I feel as though the consistent line weight of each aspect of the composition manages to drain the poster and fails to give dominance to any one feature. The bright purple and teal also battle for my attention leaving me without a path of dominance to follow. This makes it difficult for the viewer’s eye to follow the poster as there is very little direction. I think that this partially works for the design because it gives off a psychedelic and overwhelming vibe, but in some cases, the viewer gets lost in the design and is unable to appreciate the rather beautiful imagery.

The next issue that I had with this design was the overall display of the four posters. When I first saw this collection of posters, I wasn’t immediately aware that it was advertising the LDOC concert. The two larger outside posters do not include any information about the event while the two smaller posters include the concert’s location and time. I think that adding this information onto the larger posters in a larger would be an easier way to communicate to the viewer because on the smaller posters it was first something that I looked past. I do really appreciate the symmetry of the design and the way that the two larger posters reflect each other, however, this feature of the design would be even greater if the middle posters were altered. The outer, more illustrated posters work well as a border for the information in the center, but the graphics in the center posters overwhelm the information and take away from the emphasis that the bordering posters executed. Minimalizing the imagery on the two smaller posters and enlarging the text I feel would easily communicate the event’s information without overloading the viewer with visual stimuli including the vibrant colors, bold line weight, and psychedelic compositional content.