Maymester Poster

I choose this poster about the CHASS Summer Maymester program at NC State for my Wild Design Post this month.  I found it on campus, hanging up inside my dorm building in the hallway near my room. The actual poster is hanging up all around campus, in buildings and hallways where students can see it while walking to class.  The purpose of the poster is to inform students of the upcoming Maymester at NC state, where they can take a class during May for three weeks during the summer for 3 extra credits.

I choose this poster in particular because the design has always stood out to me.  I first saw it on my way to class in Riddick hall and immediately my eyes were drawn to the bold typography and bright orange and yellow colors used in the background of the poster.  I like the serif typeface in the beginning of the poster and the triangle drawn around it, which emphasizes the writing. Some of the typeface is bold and sans serif while the rest of it has serifs. This creates a contrast between the words and makes it more interesting to view.  I also really like the use of shapes to look like clouds in the background. This gives the poster a warm, summer vibe which is consistent with the overall theme. There is also a design of a building in the back of the poster which is made to look like the 1911 building at NC State.  The design of the building is simple with geometric shapes and simple shading but you can clearly see the resemblance to the actually building on campus which makes it an accurate portrayal. 

I think that when people see this poster they are tempted to read it because it’s so bright and eye catching as well as being placed in such strategic spots around campus.  When I first saw it, I had never heard of Maymester courses but after seeing the poster the idea stuck in my brain. I am now taking a Maymester course this year which I may not have known about if I hadn’t seen this poster.  I can’t speak for every person at NC state but I think that this is very successful advertising and definitely gets the message across to prospective students about summer courses.