Connecting- Trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design

I believe history books in the future will look back at the last 30 years and the upcoming decades as a turning point for human societies. This is because our technology, networks, and relationships are evolving quicker now than they ever have. This is both scary and exciting. To make our future more exciting, interaction design is connecting the entire world through a network developed by recent technology. This network is built using the actions that every individual makes on their devices. The technology that influences individuals and communities throughout the world is being advanced by the connection between the individual and the community. As with most things, there are positives and negatives associated with these developments.

Because many humans interact with their devices constantly, the goal of many interaction designers is to make devices an extension of the user. To achieve this, strides are being taken to make human vs. device relationships seamless. Making a device’s functions “natural”,to create efficiency, is an idea mentioned throughout the documentary. This is accomplished through many strategies used by designers. Some strategies include the exclusion of artificial elements(buttons, controllers, etc.) and creating predicted/informed device functions.

Predicted/informed functions use information collected from internet users throughout the world. This information allows devices and applications to connect an individual to their current community/location in real time. As more information is gathered, navigating and interacting with a community will be made more and more efficient. Along with this, a constant increase of information will be accessible to everyone. I think this access will lead to an increase in knowledge, development, and prosperity that will eventually form entire communities that act as seamless units. These improvements in society will make the everyday life of the individual and community much easier.

Although, I don’t think easy is always the best goal to have. I believe that the end product of these developments is very important to keep in mind. Convenience and efficiency is great until an entire society becomes dependent on the network that creates it. Imagine that one day all vehicles are self driven and coordinated with every other vehicle on the road, using a similar network that is being used today. Transportation will be fast, effortless, and errorless. Sounds amazing right? Absolutely! I think most people would agree although, there is another side that should be kept in mind, our dependency. If societies become dependent on this network for transportation, efficiency, and safety, what will happen when the network is altered, damaged, or lost? Chaos would ensue. Today’s society is already dependent on the technologies and conveniences that we already possess. This dependency will increase as advancements are made. I believe this should be thought about as things continue to progress.

Overall, I think the progress being made by interaction designers is immensely beneficial to individuals and for society as a whole. The advancements taking place will increase the efficiency, convenience, and prosperity of humans and their communities. While I hold this opinion, I also believe the end product of these advancements need to be considered. It is important to contemplate how to avoid, prevent, and prepare our dependency from being jeopardized.