Michael Rock: It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is, is a collective of images and work from the 2×4 studio. The images were compiled by of 2×4’s founding partners, Michael Rock. This book is very important in that it directly reflects the ideology and methodology that Rock showcases in his work and what the 2×4 studio aligns with as well. It represents the process and stages that are taken by graphic designers, the steps in between, those involved in the project, the continuity of design, and the life of 2×4.

The book has a metaphorical essence to it as it not merely about the content found within the book the myriad of forms that the user sees highlighted through the images. This reflects who Michael Rock is because he is concerned about the story over the content. He likes the subtleties that are taken and makes one thing distinguishes itself from the next. He intended to tell a story from the beginning, the middle, and the end.

In regards to the book, Rock stated, “It is not a book about what our work is about, but about the way that it is about it…it is what it is tells the story of how we work, what we think about, and how what we think about becomes part of what we make” (Michael Rock). While turning through the pages of the book, one can see the various methods and techniques used to create the cohesive story behind the 2×4 Studio. I think the biggest take away is to understand that designs are the extension of the designer and the translation of ideas to reach the end product.


Michael Rock / 2009. “It Is What It Is (or, Are We Done Yet?).” 2×4, 15 Jan. 2019, 2×4.org/ideas/2009/it-is-what-it-is-or-are-we-done-yet/.