Terry Irwin – Professional Pinterest Boards

Now, this is going to sound weird, but the way Terry Irwin uses Pinterest is even more artful than the typical user. Of course, it is clear to see how design could come into play with something like Pinterest, but how can I say that these boards are an actual project and not just a step in the process? Well, that’s the thing about Irwin’s design: it’s not about a concrete product. More so than developing a good, her work is about developing a thought process. She is designing a design. Through Pinterest, Irwin creates mini-exhibitions which she uses as teaching tools in the classroom. Her primary board for education purposes is the Design History CMU, which provides a very clear development of technology and, subsequently, design.

However, her pinning expands into more personally motivated projects as well. She has 3 main boards that she spends time cultivating: “Now you don’t see this everyday,” “Creatures,” and “Multiplicity in Unity.” Her Pinterest started as something to gather things she already had an interest in but grew more complicated. The “Now you don’t see this everyday” board was the culmination of all the bizarre things that appeared on her live feed based on the interests she had pinned. Essentially it’s an exploration of deviation. Her “Creatures” board is also charming in that the focus is to juxtapose both natural and unnatural forms. Some are representational, and others are not. But all of the pictures she has pinned create a coherent greater image. “Multiplicity in Unity” is interesting because it is Irwin’s own visual exploration of philosophy. The concept boils down to the observation of change, growth, and differentiation of an organism. So again, while unorthodox for what one would consider a design, Terry Irwin’s use of Pinterest in both professional and personal pursuits qualifies as its own unique work.


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