Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch is a children’s story book written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. It was published in 1960. In Inch by Inch, a helpless and small green inchworm is proud of his unique ability to measure anything. This includes a robin’s tail, a flamingo’s neck, and a toucan’s beak. In the story, he uses ingenuity to outwit a nightingale which threatens to eat him if he cannot measure his song. The story carries a recurring message: that the imagination can transcend all obstacles. Inch by Inchis another great example that shows how Lionni uses the collage method for his illustrations that both children and designers adore. Teachers also enjoy the book Inch by Inchas they use it to teach not only the moral lessons within the book, but also open it up for education opportunities such as measuring exercises that are essential for children as the need to understand the significance of using standard measurements.Inch by Inchis also a great example for his stylistic choices that define him. One being that he uses colors on the things he is trying to portray that are realistic and reflect the things as their true state in nature would be. Inch by Inchis also significant for the reason that it is the first book of Lionni’s to win the Caldecott Honor. Inch by Inchis also a story that prompted Lionni to incorporate more morals into his story and also encourage him to further improve his designs that would define his work as it is one of his early works.