Thomas Geismar- Mobil Design

One of the most iconic pieces by Thomas Geismar is the logo he created for Mobil. Geismar created this design in 1964. This design uses blue letters with one red letter as the “o”. This was to continue the historical use of color within the Mobil company. Geismar starts his projects by asking his clients many questions and researching more about the company. This helps him get an understand on what the company is looking for. Geismar spends a lot of time analyzing the problem before he even starts ideating. His partner, Ivan, is the complete opposite. Ivan immediately starts sketching ideas and creating solutions. Not one designer has a better process than the other, it’s all about what works for that person. For Geismar, research is the first and an extensive step in his design process. When creating designs, Geismar aims to create something that is fitting to the company and can also be shown on multiple scales and media. This project is one that Geismar considers to be one of his greatest successes. He is extremely proud of his work with Mobil. While this may seem like a simple design, the process is no less intense than any other project. For this project, Geismar did much more than design the logo. He created an entire alphabet using this style. This design project lead to a 30-year long relationship with Mobil. During this time Geismar worked on hundreds of projects for Mobil. This was one of his most beloved relationships during his career as a graphic designer.



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