Fehmy Agha Cover

Other famous work from Mehemed Fehmy Agha are these covers of Vanity Fair from 1933 and 1930. These covers reveal one of the new concepts Fehmy Agha brought to the UnIted States of America; sans serif typeface. As seen above, the use of typography completely changed the overall look of the covers. The covers look much more like the European covers. They are chic and elegant in terms of design and aesthetics. Brilliant artist Fehmy Agha also succeeds in implementing a message in his covers. As seen on the first cover, he used the numeral four to speak of 4th of July. His way of putting the numerals and the typography is smart and simple. The graphics are very alive and entertaining. The background image on the first cover is obviously a work of Fehmy as it establishes an excellent relationship between the foreground and the title of the magazine. The second cover also shows Fehmy Agha’s talent in eliminating excessive details and focusing on the necessary design elements. He does not need fancy background images nor fancy title fonts to communicate his message. Here also he uses Constructivism which he was influenced by. He uses geometric shapes and straight edges and lines. Some Art Deco curves are also available in his designs. He blends two different movements perfectly and creates rich graphics for the magazine. Overall, the sans serif typography that Fehmy used in his covers were considered as revolutionary and attracted many viewers and editors.