Fehmy Agha Cover

One of Mehemed Fehmy Agha’s famous work is this cover page of Vogue. This cover is very special for the artistic and editorial world back then because it is the very first color photo cover published by Vogue under the art direction of Mehemed Fehmy Agha. It is a cover from 1932, in the middle of Agha’s career in Vogue. As seen above, the cover carries specific Fehmy Agha elements that he brought to Vogue such as the simple design and the modernist font. The cover looks very fresh and modern. He uses the colors so wisely that the contrast between the lady’s swimsuit and the sky entertains the viewer even before starting to read the magazine. The dark shadows and the lightness of the overall photograph once again reveals Fehmy Agha’s professional photography skills. The cover also reveals his influences on Art Deco with the curves of the lady in the swimsuit. Even the positioning of the model seems very intentional and mysterious. The empty space left on the edges are designed very cleverly in a way that they do not disturb the viewer, but entertains him with the edges of the human body. The smiling face of the women also emphasize happiness and cheer, which were the important elements that Natz looked for in his magazine. This cover is a good example of the new perspective Fehmy brought to Vogue. For the first colored cover that is published, the work is extremely successful and received much attention from the society.