Gert Dumbar: Dutch Railways

The main idea of his design work is in creating unique, bold, and innovative brand identities. The first example of his work that comes up the most, as it is arguably his most iconic piece, that’s still being used today. I’m of course talking about his logo design for the Dutch Railways. It was a part of a massively ambitious revitalization effort by the company during the sixties. It was around this time that railways and other public transportation systems began to decline with the advent of more publicly accessible and more affordable cars, as well as the development of new roads. The campaign used by the Dutch railways would introduce “new trains, improved routes, and intercity services.” According to Along with all this, they wanted a new image to reflect their shift towards a new, more modern identity and renew interest in the Dutch railway system. “The design of the iconic NS symbol is deceptively simple: the arrows represent the outgoing and return journeys, while the two central lines represent the track.” ( The design is instantly recognizable and is used throughout almost every aspect of the Dutch railways, from train cars, to signs, tickets, uniforms, stations, and maps; it’s truly an iconic design that has stood the test of time and is just as effective now as when it was introduced, if not more so.