Fabien Baron Zara Logo

Fabien Baron has a lot of experience with redesigning logos and revitalizing brands. Calvin Klein, Dior, Coach, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar all owe at least some part of their popularity and success to the attention Baron has given them with his designs. His newest venture in logo design has been with Zara for their F/W 2017 season, and his signature bold and striking typefaces have made an appearance yet again. We can see that, much like his old work, Baron enjoys contrasting strong typefaces with a white background, highlighting the brand’s logo. Unlike his previous works such as with Calvin Klein, this logo is cramped and uses overlapped spacing to draw attention to the brand. This is quite different from Zara’s previous logos, that made heavy use of serif and airy, minimalist style. The overuse of kerning and introduction of the new logo made waves on the internet and social media, as many were disgruntled or even angry with how claustrophobic it made the audience feel. Still, with Baron’s years of experience in art directing and graphic design, this may have been intentional. Baron & Baron was also responsible for Zara’s recent marketing campaign for their new season,  so the logo and the campaign may have been designed with this in mind in order to draw attention to themselves. Overall, I believe Baron has enough experience in graphic design to maneuver through the muddy waters of the internet and create a lasting, impressive logo that will help Zara grow and maintain the image they are aiming for.