Fabien Baron Interview Magazine


This cut-out is from a collaboration between Miguel Enamorado and Fabien Baron’s section in Interview magazine, and features Baron’s signature penchant for bold, striking typefaces contrasted and surrounded by white space.  This fascination for strong font and contrast stems from his father, who worked as a magazine editor and gave Fabien his initial interest for graphic design. His father taught him about different typefaces, layouts, and designs that inspired much of his work in the future. We can see Fabien’s personal preferences exemplified in this design; minimalist, contrasting text that delivers its message simply, yet effectively. Minimalism and post-minimalism are two movements that Baron keeps at the forefront of his mind when designing magazines. He likes work that is graphic, simple, and polished; all characteristics found in his purposeful placement, font selection, and size. While the entire section focuses on multiple different fashion designers, this particular piece features Rick Owens. Rick Owens classic dark, flowing design choices fit well with Baron’s preference of black font on white backgrounds, while also contrasting Baron’s strict, polished work with Owens’ free flowing, organic shapes that are prevalent throughout his clothing designs. This juxtaposition of rigid structure and relaxed shapes do an excellent job of capturing the audience’s attention and drawing them to Owens’ clothing, while maintaining an interesting and easy to understand breakdown of the designers thought process. Baron typically collaborates with fashion designers and the fashion industry in his work and designs, and his classic bold fonts have been featured in many different fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ. 

Image found at: http://www.styledepartments.com/artist/miguel-enamorado/project/interview-magazineshot-by-fabien-baron/