Peter Bil’ak – History Project

In 2008 Bil’ak released the History typeface system, which examined layering across time and cultures. This project used styles from all times throughout history eventually being narrowed down to 21 fonts with one font from each century. History originally was proposed as a typeface system that, when selected, would randomly choose a font from a predefined database of fonts. He later decided to work more intensively on layering letterforms that could be recombined. Though because of the limitless amount of fonts that could be combined together, he decided to limit the number of styles to 21 as it reflected the 21 centuries of typographic history used within the project. History includes 21 layers and 21 independent typefaces that share widths, allowing them to be recombined. This project gives users a chance to use fonts throughout history in creative ways, allowing them to not only learn about the history of font but also create their own fonts. History was delivered as a set of OpenType fonts while also providing an application called History Remixer. History Remixer processed single text input through an interface, allowing the user to work with the layers. With this ability to work with the layers, users were able to use these fonts to essentially create their own, unique font from fonts of history. The History type system took longer to develop than any other project Bil’ak worked on. This project shows Bil’ak’s creativity within his work in the design world and shows how you can do more than create fonts to have a large impact on the design world.

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